Front Deck Comfort and Elegance

Guests are free to relax on our outdoor covered gallery, gazebo and patio area at any time. You are welcome to enjoy a glass or two of wine with light appetizers, however, our backyard or front yard patio cannot be used for takeout meals (pizzas, sandwiches, etc.) or picnics you’ve prepared. Nor is the barbecue is available to guests. We’re happy to direct you to the many parks in the area with picnic tables and barbecue pits that are suitable for such activities.


Springtime blooms.
Relax with a glass of wine and watch the world go by in comfort on our front deck.
Our front entrance.

IN LIGHT OF THE COVID-19 SITUATION, until further notice, some restrictions apply. For now, occupancy in our Moulin Rouge and Sultan’s Tent Suites is restricted to 2 persons. Guests sharing a room must be fully vaccinated with both shots against COVID.Masks are not required in our B&B, however you might consider keeping a mast on hand in the event it is required elsewhere. Thank you for your kind understanding. Please stay safe and healthy.