Wear a Mask — PLEASE!

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Love thy neighbour as thyself. Yes, I stole that line from the Bible. Actually, it’s in every holy book and preached in every religion around the world.

What if COVID-19 had a message for us? What if this little invisible virus was here to ask us to take care of our neighbour as we would ourselves? If your neighbour were in danger, would you just turn your head and walk on? Would he or she do likewise if you were in trouble? When did we stop caring about the well-being and safety of others? When did that become “normal”?

I, for one, hope we never return to our old “normal.” We have but ONE PURPOSE for being here on Earth, for being born. And that is to SERVE and EVOLVE the human species any way we can for the GOOD OF ALL. For the good of ALL! Every single soul signed that contract before it joined its earthly body.

From space, Earth is one big ball. From space, there are no national borders. From space, there are no words claiming territory. We all live here on one floating sphere. And we need everyone on this Earth to help the human species survive, especially now that numerous countries have nuclear weapons that could wipe out humanity. More than ever, we need each other. And we need to respect each other. We also need to instill this message in our leaders and let them know in no uncertain terms that we are watching and we expect them to act with love, integrity, compassion and respect for all other leaders and countries. There is enough for all if we just learn to trust and share.

It’s so easy to hate, blame, be fearful, get angry or be prideful. It takes a lot of courage to be neutral in any situation, to see the bigger picture, to be willing to work together and stop blaming, to accept and let go of control and do what we can, to see both sides of a story, to seek only the truth, to love ourselves and others regardless of appearance, to feel joy, to be enlightened, to allow our life be an instrument for the greater good, to allow good will to drive our choices…

No one said it was going to be easy. But every little step or effort we make toward these goals can make a huge difference. So, let’s start with something as simple as wearing a mask. If not for others, then for yourself. Let’s start with YOU!